About us

Trisolini's family breeds cows and porks in its wonderful Masseria Cappella based in the suggestive Itria Valley, in Apulia, from the latest three generations.
In the Nineties, the father Giovanni Trisolini foresaw the relevance to found a local agricultural cooperative named ValCoop. Its mission is to protect Apulian traditions and excellences.
All animals are relaxed and graze in the uncontaminated fields of the Masseria...that's why the daily production offers freshness and authenticity.
As a result, all products branded ValCoop guarantee a unique table experience.
Nowadays, rewards and customers satisfaction have allowed to create and increase a ValCoop brand extension. Until now ValCoop-Masseria Cappella's supply offers cheeses, flours, fresh pasta, baked products, salumi and wines.

Caciocavallo Terzo classificato

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